Privacy Policy - What To Expect From Our Site

Our team of casino experts is fully dedicated to the welfare of all our users. We are committed to ensuring privacy and transparency is upheld through all the services we provide and resources on our site. We have created this policy to update you on the goals of our site, remind you of the type of content we post and inform you on how we use and manage your information.

We are an independent site that focuses on online casinos, giving our users comprehensive lists, tips and guides. All our guides are drafted by experts who are keen on upholding the welfare of the readers. Our reviews and game guides are designed to help players understand casino games better and become great players. All the content on our website is only for informational purposes. Our site does not offer real money games and we have not partnered with any casino. Our intention is to train and guide players.

How Do We Use The Information Collected?

We use your personal information strictly in the ways liste in the policy. All the information we collect will be only be used to provide the necessary services and develop responsive information that you need. We have taken all the necessary security measures to safeguard your personal data. We will not share any of your information with third party members nor even other casinos. Our website is fully encrypted at all times as we are 100% dedicated to protecting you.

We advise you to read our Privacy Policy before visiting the pages on our site. Contact us if you have any questions regarding how user data is handled on our site.